MIT EF: Connecting the online world with the real world is becoming a real challenge for businesses

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Date: Jul 27, 2012 | Read it at MITEF

With the burst of social media sites, connecting the online world with the real world is becoming a real challenge for businesses. However for Adam ElDaba and Mohamed Shahin nothing is impossible, the two Egyptian nationals were coworkers in Canada when they first met. Having both established previous businesses the two were familiar with the entrepreneurial scene and were excited about starting something new. Their idea was to work together on a platform that revolutionizes the world of advertisement by allowing any store to engage with their customers, give them a reason to return, and push them to talk about their experience over their social media networks and hence increase overall traffic both online and offline.  They called it GenieTag and the two have been working on developing the concept and bringing it into real life since 2010.

“ We complement each other says Adam and it is the differences that we have which make us a unique team “  Three years ago Adam left his corporate job in order to commit himself to starting the company , it wasn’t an easy step for him but commitment is crucial if they want to get the business up and running . The teams experience in starting a business goes back to their college years where each had different experiences and failures and according to Adam “ Frustration happens however it is necessary because it challenges you and makes you work harder and failure is only a definition that you provide to yourself “ . Mohamed on the other hand had received mentorship from a leading CEO while studying at university “I was privileged and he really guided me and expanded my horizon however not having a mentor should not stop you from starting something on your own “

After two years of hard work the team was able to secure their first client who turned out to be Adam’s previous employer . “It made me feel very proud and at the moment I knew I had made the right choice “says Adam. Mohamed adds that having a supportive family is very important when you are starting your own business because a lot of times fear might make you like going back and so you need to have a good support system .

The team still has a lot of ideas they even have an excel sheet with all the ideas they want to make into a reality and at times they might find that their ideas were executed by someone else so they cross it off the list and start thinking about a new one and it is this perseverance that makes them true entrepreneurs.

Having been finalist in the MIT Arab Business Plan competition the team felt that the competition allowed them to better understand where they were headed with their project and it pushed them to work harder and think differently. “To us entrepreneurship is a speed race and you will face a lot of obstacles, the important thing is that you keep going “they concluded.

Genietag has a bright future indeed and with the passion and energy of Mohamed and Adam they are bound to succeed not only in the Middle East but on a global level as well and the Arab world should be proud that it is producing ideas with so much potential and creativity.

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